Security is a very important function both in your business and home. With the advancement in technology, internet security cameras are central in providing you with the upmost security you require. With the tons of security cameras we have in the market today, you need to be sure that you camera you are purchasing will be able to offer you security whether you are at home or business or you are far away on a business trip. The following are some of the key factors you need to consider when choosing your security camera.




This is absolutely the number one factor you need to pay attention to when choosing a your camera. When installing security cameras at your place, you not only want to capture those entering your premises without your permission but also do so with a clarity that will help you spot them from a crowd. The basic security camera resolution you should go for ought to be at least 720p and higher.


Night vision is a must


If you want to keep your premises secured both during the day and at night then purchasing a camera with night vision is one of the requirements you need to consider seriously. Note that security cameras night vision varies from one camera to another, therefore ensure you purchase a security camera that provides you with the best night vision. Know more about home security at


Internet connection


Ideally, internet security cameras require a strong, secure and reliable internet connection in order to work. Therefore, before purchasing and installing any security cameras you need to ensure that you have installed the best internet connectivity within your premise.  Get more info here!


Field of view


Basically, the field of view of your internet security camera is how far right or left your camera is able to see. If you want maximum protection for your business or home, you need to purchase a security camera that you will be able to see far and wide. You might also want to consider purchasing a bigger security camera, this will not only help you see far but also save you the costs of purchasing additional cameras to cover your huge premises.


Camera storage



When it comes to internet security cameras you need to consider its storage in terms of cloud storage. In additional to the physical storage, internet security cameras have their storage in the clouds. This means therefore when choosing an internet security camera you need to ensure that it has enough cloud storage capacity to accommodate your needs, click to know more!